Who we are

We are {creen, a custom software development company. Our engineering teams are based in Belgrade and Novi Sad, the two major Serbian tech hubs. 

Abstract Background

Our triple mission



Help our clients build innovative, better software solutions



Build a firm which supports exceptional people in their further development



Positively contribute to the Serbian IT industry through our work


So far, we have worked with more than 30 clients in Germany, Austria, Italy and Norway.

Our core values

Everything we do is grounded on our values. They help us create the environment we want to work in. For our clients they emphasize clearly what everybody can expect from us.

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Exceed our client's expectations, every time

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Promote the best environment for exceptional people

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Act with integrity and honesty towards clients and colleagues


Be enthusiastic about the company and your work

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Take responsibility and get stuff done

We believe in agile software development

Agile software development is not magic. It's about setting the right priorities and executing on those. Over and over again. 

To achieve this, we work in sprints jointly with our clients. It allows us to regularly understand, challenge and finally define the most important tasks / features which need to be completed next. We explicitly invite our clients to participate in this process. It makes us better. And we are totally fine, if priorities change. It only means that new information has come up.

Please reach out to us, if you want to learn more about agile software development.